Songs From The Holiday, Vol. 1
  • Songs From The Holiday, Vol. 1
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1 Never Ending Dream – Written by: Gary Wertz, Kris Doty, Eric McFadden
2 Copper Pennies – Written by: Miss Meaghan Owens, Christine Flores-Cozza, Laura Schultz – Performed by: Miss Meagan Owens, Laura Schultz, Kim Manning, Jentri Colello, Christine Flores-Cozza, Teddy Pedriana, Ryan Thompson, Dan O Stoffels, Sid Brown
3 From the Holiday – Written by: Justin Bricco, Anna Sacks
4 Keep on Drivin’ – Written by: James Hall
5 Baby Doll – Written by: Geri X
6 Room 243 – Written by: Burr Settles, Kim Manning. Performed by Kim Manning and Burr Settles with melaniejane on cello
7 Lackie’s Men – Written by: Eric McFadden, Delaney Davidson – Performed by: Delaney Davidson, Eric McFadden, Jeff Hammes, Wally Ingram, Ryan Thompson
8 Holiday Motel – Written by: Allan McPhee, Jon Kanis, Cat Bratten
9 Bad Company – Written by: Dustin Welch, Peter Becker, Ryan Thompson, Derek Pritzl – Performed by: Dustin Welch, Ryan Thompson, Derek Pritzl, Peter Becker, Wally Ingram, Delaney Davidson
10 Call You When I Land – Written by: Charlie Cheney, Greg Roteik – Performed by: Charlie Cheney, Miss Meaghan Owens, Laura Schultz, Robbie Schiller
11 Walk Like a Broken Horse – Written by: Adam Mackintosh, Liv Mueller
12 Dream of the Holiday – Written by: Don DiLego
13 Train to Salvation – Written by: James Hall, Eric McFadden
14 Hush Baby Hush – Written and performed by: Kris Doty
15* Songwriter Prison – Written and performed by: David Cox

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