Dark Songs Vol. 10 (double disc): CD
  • Dark Songs Vol. 10 (double disc): CD
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Cover art by Teflon. Stage photo Ty Helbach. Package design Greg Welsh.

Mastered by Steve Hamilton at Makin’ Sausage Music - Milwaukee, WI.
Air traffic control melaniejane. Produced by pat mAcdonald.

Dark Songs 2018 was a glorious seven days of conjuring and co-scheming in the darker musicalyrical realms. In the crisp autumn of pre-Halloween, 36 songsters converged upon the Holiday Music Motel for inspiration, fellowship, and free sustainence. Following strict guidelines – No glitter in the bedsheets and all shall respect the quiet hours (5am until noon) – they nightly formed a huge circle and surrendered their individual personas to fateful spins of a bottle. These fate-ordained threesomes wrote, played, and intoned together as if lives and souls were at stake. The resulting body of work, this double-disc, 43-track song cycle woven from threads of fear and fascination, carries the momentum of those initial spins, spiraling out into a dizzying psycho carnival ride for all to enjoy.

Special thanks to: The Holiday Music Motel, Steel Bridge Radio, Third Avenue Playhouse, Steve Hamilton, Makin’ Sausage Music, Teresa Young for admin assistance and endless other things, Teflon, Door County Screen and Sign, Flanigan Distributing, Tony Menzer, Sturgeon Bay Music Exchange, Mark Theide, Adam Goettelman of Healthy Way, Jon Calhoun of Tadych’s EconoFoods and all of the wonderful people who helped to feed the artists, take tickets, hang posters, shared photographs, and on and on and on… the outpouring of support we receive is essential to making it happen. <3 <3 <3


Engineers: + Steve Hamilton % Steve Smith !¡ Liam Hall <> Barrett Tasky ^^ Bruce Butkovich

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