Love On Holiday Vol. 4 (double disk): CD
  • Love On Holiday Vol. 4 (double disk): CD
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Recorded at the Holiday Music Motel, Sturgeon Bay, WI during Love On Holiday 2015 by Steve Hamilton, Steve Smith, and Barrett Tasky. Produced by pat mAcdonald, the engineers, and the artists themselves. Mastering by Steve Hamilton. Digital editing by pat mAcdonald. Cover art by pat mAcdonald. Air Traffic Control melaniejane. Additional assistance Teresa Young, Teflon, Tony Menzer and Tarl Knight. Thank you to all of the contributing visual artists who took a leap of faith to participate in this melodious collaboration!!! Special thanks to Third Avenue Playhouse for their generous cooperation and never-ending support. For more information, please visit

LOVE ON HOLIDAY VOL.4 DISC ONE 1. Smile (Tarl Knight arranged with Julia McConahay) Tarl Knight - vocals / Julia McConahay – violin 2. It’s Not Good To Feel Bad (Gren Ville, Marcus Trana) Marcus Trana - synth, electric guitar, programmed drum machine, vocals / Gren Ville - acoustic guitar, vocals / Greg Roteik - bass Dawn Patel painted door, “She Shed a Tear. She Grew a Wing” 3. She Is Wet (Vee Sonnets, Michael Bleck, Tomcat Joe) Vee Sonnets - electric guitar, vocals / Tomcat Joe - bass, vocals / Michael Bleck - acoustic guitar, vocals / Greg Roteik - electric guitar, vocals / Dan Smrz - drums / Kim Manning - vocals Joe Kaftan mosaic, “The Snorkler” 4. Surrender To The Fantasy (Andrea Wittgens, Amanda Jo, Carley Baer) Andrea Wittgens - keys, vocals / Amanda Jo - Omnichord, vocals / Carley Baer - ukulele, vocals / Marcus Trana - drums, percussion / Steve Smith - bass Kirsten Logerquist painting 5. Life In Stone (Jordin Baas, Amanda Jo, James Hall) Jordin Baas - vocals, piano, claps / Amanda Jo - vocals, violin, claps / James Hall - guitar, vocals, claps / Tomcat Joe - vocals, guitar, stomps, claps Kelly Avenson couple photograph 6. Lady Behind The Glass (Ruby James, Sugar Ransom, Tarl Knight) Sugar Ranson - acoustic guitar, vocals / Tarl Knight - piano, vocals / Ruby James - electric guitar, vocals Stephanie Trenchard narrative glass sculpture, “Force Of Nature” 7. Will You Love Me Back (James Hall, Patrick Kelly, John Hvezda) James Hall - guitar, vocals / John Hvezda - guitar, vocals / Patrick Kelly - bass / Marcus Trana - drums, cajon 8. Love Is In Bloom (Vincent Gates, Tarl Knight, Dan Smrz, Jimm McIver, Andrea Wittgens) Vincent Gates - electric guitar, vocals / Tarl Knight - acoustic guitar, vocals / Dan Smrz - drums / Patrick Kelly - bass / Andrea Wittgens, Carley Baer, Jimm McIver - background vocals 9. All We Got Is Each Other (James Hall, Victoria Vox) Victoria Vox - ukulele, vocals / James Hall - guitar, vocals / Vee Sonnets - guitar, vocals / Greg Roteik – bass 10. If Love, Then Mercy (Sugar Ransom, Andrea Wittgens, Tomcat Joe) Sugar Ransom - acoustic guitar, vocals / Tomcat Joe - lead guitar, vocals / Andrea Wittgens - piano, vocals / Barrett Tasky - organ, mandolin / Steve Smith - acoustic bass Angela Lensch statue, “Lady In Red” 11. True Love’s Guitar (Ruby James, John Hvezda, Carley Baer) Ruby James - vocals, guitar / John Hvezda - guitar, vocals / Carley Baer - vocals / Nick Hoover - electric guitar, bass / Barrett Tasky - lap steel / pat mAcdonald - guitar solo Debbra MacDonald painted guitar 12. Door To Nowhere (Stephen Cooper, Victoria Vox, Greg Roteik) Stephen Cooper - vocals, tenor sax / Victoria Vox - ukulele / Greg Roteik - guitar, bass / Marcus Trana - drums / Vee Sonnets - keys / CHOIR: Victoria Vox, Vee Sonnets, Stephen Cooper, Nick Hoover, Kim Manning, Jimm McIver, Carley Baer, James Larsen, Sugar Ransom, Troy Therrien, Tarl Knight, Robin Bienemann, Jim Schwall, Greg Roteik Dawn Patel’s painted door 13. Meta 6 + Duality in 3 (Jordin Baas, Barrett Tasky, Stephen Cooper) Jordin Baas - piano, vocals / Barrett Tasky - trombone / Stephen Cooper - tenor sax **Lori Wier painting, “Neotia Ruth Marian Davis”

LOVE ON HOLIDAY VOL.4 DISC TWO 1. Lazy Lovers (Robin Bienemann) Robin Bienemann - guitar, vocals 2. We Love This Town (Tarl Knight, Michael Bleck, Nick Hoover) Tarl Knight - vocals, guitar / Nick Hoover - bass, background vocals / Michael Bleck - background vocals, mouth trombone / Marcus Trana - drums / Victoria Vox - mouth trumpet, background vocals / Carley Baer - background vocals Stephanie Trenchard painting, “Waiting For The Second Line” 3. Wade In For Your Love (Robin Bienemann, Nick Hoover, Victoria Vox) Victoria Vox - ukulele, vocals, mouth trumpet / Nick Hoover - guitar, vocals / Robin Bienemann - guitar, vocals / Dan Smrz - drums / Steve Smith - bass / Barrett Tasky - trombone / Stephen Cooper - saxophone Joe Kaftan mosaic 4. Rainbows (Ruby James, Gren Ville, Tony Menzer) Ruby James - vocals, guitar / Gren Ville - vocals / Tony Menzer - bass / Dan Smrz - drums / James Hall - guitar Lori Wier painting 5. Cosmic Soul (Julia McConahay, Nick Hoover, James Hall) Julia McConahay - vocals, violin / Nick Hoover - keys, vocals / James Hall - vocals, guitar / Barrett Tasky - piano Angela Lensch sculpture 6. Tallest Of Trees (Patrick Kelly, Tony Menzer, Troy Therrien) Tony Menzer - bass / Troy Therrien - electric guitar / Barrett Tasky - mandolin / Patrick Kelly - acoustic guitar, vocals Ty Helbach photo, “Tallest of Trees” 7. True Love (Vee Sonnets, Kim Manning, Jimm McIver) Kim Manning - vocals / Vee Sonnets - keys / Jimm McIver - acoustic guitar / Dan Smrz - drums / Greg Roteik - bass / Barrett Tasky - electric guitars Debbra MacDonald painted guitar 8. Easy To Love (James Hall, Tony Menzer, Jordin Baas, Tomcat Joe) Tomcat Joe - drums, vocals / James Hall - vocals, guitar / Jordin Baas - guitar / Tony Menzer - bass Kelly Avenson dancing boy photo 9. Why Not Me? (Robin Bienemann, Patrick Kelly, Troy Therrien) Robin Bienemann - guitar, vocals / Troy Therrien - guitar / Patrick Kelly - bass, vocals / Marcus Trana - drums Kelly Avenson dancing boy 10. Steady As She Goes (Andrea Wittgens, Carley Baer) Andrea Wittgens - guitar, vocals, midi / Carley Baer - ukulele, vocals 11. Icebound (Vincent Gates, Julia McConahay, Marcus Trana, Victoria Vox) Vincent Gates - vocals, guitar / Marcus Trana - guitar / Julia McConahay - vocals Jeremy Popelka sculpture,”Thaw” 12. Lori’s Fiddle (Michael Bleck, Jim Schwall, John Hvezda) Jim Schwall - guitar, vocals / John Hvezda - guitar, vocals / Michael Bleck - vocals / Julia McConahay - violin / Steve Smith - bass / Dan Smrz - drums / Lori Wier - violin, vocals Lori Wier painting 13. For Holiday (Tarl Knight) Tarl Knight - guitar, vocals **inspired by John Hadley image (postcard) 14. Chik-Fil-a (Kim Manning, Barrett Tasky, Andrea Wittgens) Kim Manning - vocals / Andrea Wittgens - vocals / Barrett Tasky - vocals, guitar 15. Get Out Of My Face (I Love U) (Greg Roteik, Marcus Trana, Nick Hoover) Greg Roteik - guitar, vocals / Marcus Trana - drums, vocals / Nick Hoover - bass, vocals 16. If We Never Go To Sleep (Gren Ville, Vee Sonnets, Greg Roteik) Gren Ville - acoustic guitar, vocals / Vee Sonnets - electric guitar, vocals / Greg Roteik - bass / Kim Manning - melodica / Julia McConahay - violin / Marcus Trana – drums

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