Love On Holiday, Vol. 1: CD
  • Love On Holiday, Vol. 1: CD

Love On Holiday, Vol. 1: CD

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L♡ve ♡n H♡liday, V♡l. 1

1❤ Beauty ♡f the Beast (C♡rey Carls♡n) 2❤ L♡♡se Lips Sink Ships (Nick H♡♡ver, Ryan Urquhart, Sc♡tt Zimmerman, & Brittany Dauenbaugh) with Danielle French, Dan Smrz, Jamey Clark, Greg R♡teik 3❤ L♡ve S’p♡sed T♡ C♡nquer All (Miss Meaghan ♡wens, Richie Whitney) with Tr♡y Therrien, J♡sh Greg♡ry, Jamey Clark 4❤ Mean Reds (C♡rinne Lee, Charlie Cheney, & Greg R♡teik) 5❤ With♡ut Y♡u (Richard Whitney, Miss Meaghan ♡wens) with J♡sh Greg♡ry 6❤ Ruby Red (Charlie Cheney) with C♡rey Carls♡n, Greg R♡teik, Jamey Clark, Danielle French, Miss Meaghan ♡wens 7❤ Darlin’ It’s Y♡u (Greg R♡teik, C♡rey Carls♡n) with C♡rinne Lee 8❤ Y♡u Were With Me (Miss Meaghan ♡wens, Jamey Clark, Tr♡y Therrien, K♡ry Murphy) 9❤ Hard Time L♡vin’ Y♡u (Mike Bleck, Jamey Clark, pat mAcd♡nald) with Chris Aar♡n and Danielle French 10❤ Resale Sh♡p ♡f L♡ve (Charlie Cheney) with C♡rey Carls♡n, Jamey Clark, Dan Smrz, C♡rinne Lee 11❤ Take My L♡ve (Danielle French, Greg R♡teik) with Tr♡y Therrien, Dan Smrz, Jamey Clark, C♡rinne Lee, K♡ry Murphy, Miss Meaghan ♡wens 12❤ If Y♡u ♡nly Knew (Anna Sacks, pat mAcd♡nald) 13❤ Here T♡ Mexic♡ (K♡ry Murphy, Danielle French, Greg R♡teik) with C♡rinne Lee 14❤ L♡nely T♡gether (Danielle French, Elli♡t G♡ettelman, Greg M♡wery, Dan Smrz) with Greg R♡teik 15❤ Gh♡sts ♡f Calif♡rnia (Tr♡y Therrien) with K♡ry Murphy, Greg M♡wery, Jamey Clark, Danielle French, Miss Meaghan ♡wens 16❤ Besame (Charlie Cheney, C♡rey Carls♡n) 17❤ M♡♡nlight Healing (Meaghan ♡wens, Danielle French, K♡ry Murphy, Brittany Dauenbaugh) with Tr♡y Therrien 18❤ If L♡ve (Anna Sacks, C♡rey Carls♡n)

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