Dark Songs Vol. V: CD
  • Dark Songs Vol. V: CD

Dark Songs Vol. V: CD

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  1. Crow Black Crow (Adam Mackintosh, Troy Therrien, Craig McClelland, Carley Baer)
  2. I Don’t Scare Easy (James Hall, Stephen Cooper, Steve Smith)
  3. My Shadow and Me (Mike Bleck, Tomcat Joe, Danielle French)
  4. Wendigo (Jamey Clark, Danielle French, Tomcat Joe)
  5. It’s Coming (Kim Manning)
  6. Dia de Muertos (Jim Schwall)
  7. Up & Coming Killer (Andrea Wittgens, Jimm McIver)
  8. Girl in a Box (Andrea Wittgens, Liv Mueller)
  9. Vanishing Girl (Adam Mackintosh, Rick Wood, James Hall, Andrea Wittgens)
  10. Grandma!! (Jimm McIver, Liv Mueller)
  11. Zombie Stroll (James Hall, Adam Mackintosh, Joanna Becker, Liv Mueller)
  12. Howlin’ at the Moon (Danielle French, Stephen Cooper, Landon Capelle)
  13. Tranquil Little Tourist Town (Vee Sonnets, Charles Boheme, Elliot Goettelman, Mojo Perry)
  14. The Darkness of Man (Dan Smrz, Rick Wood, Zach Vogel)
  15. Let’s Go for a Ride (Zach Vogel, John Hvezda, Stephen Cooper)
  16. Curtains (Charles Boheme, Ruby James, Vee Sonnets, Troy Therrien, Renee de la Boheme)
  17. Demon Has Arrived (Kory Murphy, Zach Vogel, Carley Baer)
  18. Nightmare in a White Dress (Liv Mueller, Ruby James)
  19. Weeping Willow (Danielle French)
  20. Siri’s Suicide Note (Zach Vogel, Kory Murphy, Tony Menzer, Billy Triplett (p))
  21. Party in the Dark (Vee Sonnets, Kim Manning)

Recorded at the Holiday Music Motel, Sturgeon Bay, WI during Dark Songs 2013 by Steve Hamilton, DanO Stoffels, Steve Smith and Chris Aaron; Produced by pat mAcdonald, the engineers, and the artists themselves Mastering by Steve Hamilton; Digital editing by pat mAcdonald Cover art by Geri X. Administrative assistance by melaniejane and Teresa Young.

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