Our 4th Annual               
  February 13 & 14, 2015

A live musical valentine
serenading the season's unholy threesome
of Adoration, Angst, and Ambivalence 

This mid-February songwriting, recording, and performance week
features artists from near and far
who converge upon The Holiday for t
his song-quest love-fest
designed to wind winter's chill down to goosebump and grind.

As part of the week-long collaborative songwriting marathon,
LOVE ON HOLIDAY 2015 will bring a new injection of visual arts to the mix.
Images submitted by local artists will inspire new songs
and later be juxtaposed with live performances.

Each of the two Third Avenue Playhouse shows (Friday-Saturday, Feb 13-14)
will be part concert, part art exhibition.

A lovely, fun way to bring together the music and art communities of Sturgeon Bay!

All proceeds ($5 at the door) will benefit The Tambourine Collaboratory.

Friday February 13th and Saturday14th, 2015.
Opening reception 7pm, show time 7:30.

Confirmed artists for LOH 2015:

Andrea Wittgens
Barrett Tasky
Carley Baer
Dan Smrz
David Woods
Elliot Goettelman
Greg Roteik
James Hall
Jim Schwall
Jimm McIver
John Hvezda
Julia McConahay
Kim Manning
Marcus Trana
Mike Bleck
Nick Hoover
pat mAcdonald
Patrick Kelly
Robin Bienemann
Ruby James
Stephen Cooper
Steve Hamilton
Steve Smith
Sugar Ransom
Susan Howe
Tarl Knight
Tomcat Joe
Tony Menzer
Troy Therrien
Vee Sonnets
Victoria Vox
Vincent Gates