The Holiday Music Motel in Sturgeon Bay, WI is the world's only fully operational motel 
featuring live music, collaborative songwriting retreats and a radio station that exclusively 
broadcasts the music created within its own walls.
Call us at 920-743-5571 for reservations and information
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     Watch The Holiday Music Motel in
      'Bare Feet and Rock Star Sweets'
     as was featured on Travel Channel's
                'Hotel Showdown'!!!
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Learn more about Sturgeon Bay in 'Around the Corner with John McGivern'!

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30 Minute Music Hour on WPT!!!


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LIVE in the

Every Thursday from 7-9 pm!!!!!

Dark Songs - October 26 & 27, 2018

Brian Vander Ark - Dec 7th @ Tambourine Lounge

Love On Holiday - Feb 8 & 9, 2019

Steel Bridge Songfest - June 13-16, 2019

Dark Songs - October 25 & 26, 2019


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Travel Green Wisconsin Certified!!!


Did you know…?

> The “Holiday Motel–Hotel” opened in 1952, one month before the world’s first Holiday Inn. “H” and “M” flashed alternately on its neon sign to render the full name. Years later, either the “H” broke or the owners opted to go with “Motel.”

> Taken over by well-meaning musicians in June 2007, it became “The Holiday Music Motel.” Then, after only six weeks open to the public, a devastating electrical fire closed its doors for nearly two years.

Lovingly “retrovated” by the same well-meaning bunch, it reopened in 2009 (with all the latest safety systems) and immediately struck a chord with musicians and tourists alike, becoming one of Door County’s top ranked hotels.

> During annual songwriting festivals, over a thousand song have been collaboratively written and recorded onsite.

 An unusual amenity: All rooms are wired for potential hookup to the onsite recording studio.

 HMM’s board president is a recording engineer, the motel manager plays electric cello, and the creative director is a hit songwriter who plays cigar box guitar.

More fun facts:

Of’s 10 Top-ranked Door County Hotels…

> Five are Resorts, two are Inns, two are Motels, and one is a Lodge.

> Nine are in Sturgeon Bay or Ephraim, and one is in Sister Bay.

> The top two (as well as three of the top four) are in Sturgeon Bay.

> Four of the top five are Resorts and one is a Motel.

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