Ian Moore Band

Butch's Bar, 112 S 3rd Ave, Sturgeon Bay

Ian Moore—Seattle-based, Austin born guitar player, singer and songwriter—is coming to Sturgeon Bay for a special show in anticipation of the upcoming release of his latest record 'Toronto' on Last Chance Records.

Moore, who has toured with the Rolling Stones, ZZ Top and Bob Dylan, has the uncanny ability to move flawlessly from blues-oriented guitar sounds into pop, psychedilia, British pub rock and deep Americana while sometimes masterfully combining all of the above. Accompanied now by a 4 piece band, Moore’s vocals dance between sweet and soulful to raw and edgy behind compelling melodies and memorable lyrics that have the weight of timeless classics.

In a few words: this band rocks.

Due to high demand and a desire to not turn so many people away, we have decided to move this show from The Tambourine Lounge to Butch's Bar at 112 S 3rd Ave just a stone's throw from The Holiday.

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable to other shows.

$15 per person. Doors at 7pm. Showtime 7:30. Purchase tickets online here or call motel at 920.743.5571

check out Ian on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOB-rLDFY88

please also visit his website at: http://www.ianmoore.com/