Dark Songs 2017

Every year at the end of October since 2009, pat mAcdonald has invited 30+ songwriters to set up a week-long residence at The Holiday Music Motel to hunker in and collaboratively write and record a whole new slew of songs inspired by the season’s spooky-themed holidays and the “darker” sides of life and humanity.

Running the gamut of deeply personal and contemplative such as ‘Light’ which beckons all to leave their light behind when they pass on, or ‘Final Friend’ which sings of an embalmers love and special connection to the deceased they prepare for final viewing; to fun, pop-laden playful dance tunes like ‘Dance With The Dead’ and ‘Mummy Baby Boogie’; to Hitchcockian psycho-thriller-style songs such as ‘Black Leather Chair’ which gets inside the mind of a serial killer and ‘7 Inches’ which examines the creepy-crawly feeling one would get coming home to find that someone has broken into their home not to steal, but to just move things around. Simply said, no topic is off limits. (to hear these songs, read lyrics and more, please visit holidaymusicmotel.com/digital-downloads-and-listening-room)

This year’s Dark Songs takes on a slightly different approach than it has in years past. Similar to ‘Love On Holiday’ where the songwriters are randomly assigned a visual artwork to act as muse for each song, this year writers will randomly select an element of a storyline they will be challenged to compose for. The ending result, ‘Dark Songs: The Taking of The Tower of Song, a Comedy of Terrors’ will be a show where a storyline will unfold and be revealed in the songs through different elements, themes and characters.

2 nights. 2 different shows. 2 ways it can go, performances take place on October 27 and 28 7:30pm each night at Third Avenue Playhouse. Admission each is $5 at the door. https://www.facebook.com/events/1954297658118690

Tune in to www.SteelBridgeRadio.com/listen for the launch of Dark Songs Vol. 8 Double Disk release on Sunday October 22nd at 3:33pm!!!

This year's participants include:   

Adam Mackintosh
Alex Wilson
Andrea Wittgens
Anna Jo
Barrett Tasky
Bruce Butkovich
Carley Baer
Cathy Grier
charles boheme
Christa Ebert (Uno Lady)
Claire Kelly
Dan O Stoffels
Danielle French
Genevieve Heyward
Greg Roteik
James Hall
Jamey Clark
Jimm McIver
John Hvezda
Kate Vargas
Liam Hall
Liv Mueller
Matt Spatol
Mike Bleck
Mike Wheeler
Morgan Rae
pat mAcdonald
Ruby James
Sophie Sputnik
Stephen Cooper
Steve Hamilton
Steve Smith
Tarl Knight
Victoria Vox