Angelo DeAugustine LIVE at The Tambourine Lounge

Tambourine Lounge, 59 N 2nd Ave, Sturgeon Bay

We are beyond excited to welcome Angelo DeAugustine back to Sturgeon Bay for this very special house concert at The Holiday Music Motel's Tambourine Lounge on Monday August 20th at 7pm!

Tickets are $20. Doors at 6:30, showtime 7pm. Advance reservations strongly recommended as we do have a max. capacity. Walk-ups only if space permits.

Tickets may be purchased through or by calling the motel direct at 920-743-5571. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable to other shows.

No physical tickets are issued; you will be added to the guest list. Please check in with host before taking your seat.

Tambourine Lounge is located at 59 N 2nd Ave (@Louisiana St.) next door to The Holiday Music Motel.

More about Angelo and his latest release:

'Swim Inside the Moon' is a record by 24-year-old Angelo De Augustine. This second full-length of Angelo’s career captures a sound he’s been looking for since he started playing music a decade ago.

Shortly after the 2015 release of Spirals of Silence, his first record, Angelo toured extensively but caught whooping cough on the last show of the tour. The illness debilitated Angelo for months. He feared he might permanently lose his voice, or if it came back, it wouldn’t sound the same.

Unable to sing or sometimes even speak, Angelo instead focused on songwriting. “I wasn’t thinking much about making a record,” says Angelo.

This gave Angelo a lot time to focus on songwriting and sound. Although Angelo had previously recorded in studios, he felt like that environment didn’t capture the ambience he wanted for his music.

Angelo’s voice did recover, and this time he set-up his equipment by himself, in his home. In his bathtub.

Recording in a bathroom might sound odd, but it’s nothing new really; supposedly Jim Morrison recorded vocals for “L.A. Woman” in a bathroom and even took The Doors (lolz) off the hinges so he could talk to bandmates while he played, and The Beatles recorded some of their earliest work in bathrooms. In the 1940s, producer Bill Putnam engineered the first intentionally recorded reverb for a Harmonicats take of “Peg o’ My Heart” by putting the microphone and loudspeaker in a bathroom.

Angelo’s setup was similarly simple: a Shure SM57 microphone next to the wall of the shower and a cable back to an analog reel-to-reel in his nearby bedroom. He’d hit record, then run quickly to the bathroom with his guitar and sit on the edge of the tub and play and sing. For some songs, he played his mother’s 100-year-old piano in the living room, and on others he added synth and electric guitar. He kept it simple.

Recording the nine songs on Swim Inside the Moon took several months. Because Angelo was using an analog reel-to-reel machine with very little overdubbing, he was always recording live. If something didn’t go as planned, he’d start from scratch each time.

Some of the songs took only a few takes. But others took weeks; if a song wasn’t working on a particular day, Angelo would return to it the next day. Sometimes there were other interruptions: “Occasionally my dogs would bark on a really good take,” says Angelo. Other times Angelo kept recording anyway.“You might be able to hear them in the background,” he says.

The reverb, analog as it is, gives Angelo’s music a strong sense of place: this music existed as a soundwave that bounced off walls in Angelo’s bathroom, and then traveled over wires to the listener. The reverb amplifies Angelo’s songwriting, echoing a sense of heartache, loss, but also of joy and hope, and the comfort of home.

This freedom allowed Angelo to find the sound he was looking for: “A sound behind the voice,” he says. “I noticed that when you sing off a reflective surface you hear two voices. One is the representation of yourself and the other is similar to a shadow that follows the sound. I was compelled to isolate that voice and bring it more to the front of the songs because in many ways I feel more connected to and comforted by that voice following me.”

Besides a distinct sense of place and time, listeners might also hear Nick Drake’s intricate arpeggiated guitar parts, Elliott Smith’s pure vocals, or, at times, a likeness to the soulfulness of artists such as Vashti Bunyan, Judee Sill, Joanna Newsom, and Jose Gonzalez.

But it’s worth noting that these artists are fairly new to Angelo, whose musical inspiration comes more from his mom than from a playlist. “Because my mom’s career was singing, she would never listen to music when she wasn’t working,” Angelo explains. “The music that I did hear the most were her songs that she wrote at home.

As to what these songs mean, well, that’s harder to say. “I couldn’t tell you,” says Angelo, though it sounds like he wished he could. He compares his songwriting to waking up after a vivid dream: “I get into this place, and then I wake up with a song instead of a dream,” says Angelo, “Maybe I’ll know what it’s about later. Or maybe I knew, and I’ve forgotten.”

Angelo De Augustine writes and records music in Thousand Oaks, California — a suburb north of Los Angeles, where he grew up. His self-released debut album, Spirals of Silence, and 3-song EP follow-up, How Past Begins, earned praise from The FADER, Stereogum, Vogue, My Old Kentucky Blog, and more.

“The sonic equivalent of a cracked porcelain plate—broken, but beautiful in its ruin.” – Vogue

“Crystalline and otherworldly… matching warm guitar figures with chilling whispers” – Stereogum

“Stunning is used quite a bit to describe music, but in this instance it rings true.” – My Old Kentucky Blog

Please visit Angelo here:

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Eric McFadden and Friends

Tambourine Lounge, 59 N 2nd Ave, Sturgeon Bay

Eric McFadden returns to Sturgeon Bay for a very special house concert ONE NIGHT ONLY to celebrate his latest release 'Pain By Numbers'

Come join us for this intimate yet rock-your-face-off show!!!

Tickets are $15.

Doors at 6:30, showtime 7pm.

Advance reservations strongly recommended as we do have a max. capacity. Walk-ups only if space permits.

Tickets may be purchased through or by calling the motel direct at 920-743-5571. (Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable to other shows.)

No physical tickets are issued; you will be added to the guest list. Please check in with host before taking your seat.

Tambourine Lounge is located at 59 N 2nd Ave (@Louisiana St.) next door to The Holiday Music Motel.

More on Eric McFadden: Eric McFadden is a virtuoso of the six-string. He has toured the world both as a solo artist, as well as traveling with funk legend George Clinton (Parliament/Funkadelic), and rock legend Eric Burdon (The Animals). McFadden is a member of the new supergroup, T.E.N. (, alongside Thomas Pridgen (Mars Volta) and Norwood Fisher (Fishbone). Eric has also been collaborating with Fishbone frontman, Angelo Moore, & Queen delphine on a project called TASTY FACE. If that isn’t enough, you can catch Eric on the road with his dear friend & New Orleans favorite, Anders Osborne!

In the past, McFadden has toured extensively with the Eric McFadden Trio (EMT), which features bass phenomenon James Whiton (Tom Waits) and the great Paulo Baldi (Cake, Les Claypool). Eric was also a member of the all-star band, Stockholm Syndrome, which includes notable players such as Dave Schools (Widespread Panic), Jerry Joseph (Jack Mormons), Wally Ingram (Sheryl Crow) and Danny Louis (Govt Mule).

Eric McFadden has had the honor to collaborate on stage and/or in the studio with the regal likes of Bo Diddley, Keb Mo’, Living Colour, Joe Strummer (The Clash), Nels Cline (Wilco), Les Claypool (Primus), The Meters, Pat MacDonald (Timbuk3), Robert Walter, Bernie Worell (Talking Heads/Funkadelic), Bonnie Rait, Bill Kreutzman (Grateful Dead), Ron Wood & Chuck Leavel (Rolling Stones), Pink, North Mississippi Allstars, Juan Nelson (Ben Harper), Pete Sears (Jefferson Airplane, Rod Stewart), Carla Bozulich, Joe Santiago & Dave Lovering (The Pixies), Widespread Panic, Jackson Browne, Fishbone, Mike Watt (Minutemen), The Reverend Horton Heat, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Grace Potter, Galactic, Jack Johnson, Boots Riley (The Coup), Steward Copeland (The Police), among others.

McFadden has recorded several independently produced solo and band albums, many of which are regarded as underground masterworks by fans and critics alike. Eric McFadden has recorded and released several albums on such labels as Terminus (Atlanta), Fortune (San Francisco), Bad Reputation (Paris), Response (USA) and phYne Entertainment (USA). Eric McFadden’s 2011 release, “Bluebird on Fire”, received much acclaim, including a 5-star review in Crossroads Magazine. The latest Eric McFadden release, “The Light Ahead”, is a captivating acoustic album, exposing Eric unplugged.

Reviews: Eric McFadden “If San Francisco is home to anyone approaching the abilities of a modern Hendrix, it’s Eric McFadden.” (Jimmy Leslie / Guitar Player Magazine 2009)

“…I found myself struck mightily by the big soul inside Eric McFadden. His singing and playing are as good as it gets, full of power and awe inspiring expertise…” Dennis Cook / Jambase 2009

“…McFadden is a six string virtuoso. His command of so many genres- is accentuated with meticulously crafted songs. There’s the poppy twist on traditional psychadelia. Poetic yet sinisterly distorted punk. Rowdy rockabilly. Dark, foreboding grunge. His melodies hinge on seriously catchy choruses that resonate thanks to a crunchy baritone reminiscent of Tom Waits or the late Mark Sandman of Morphine…” (The Denver Post, December 2009 concert review)

“The Eric McFadden Trio’s Joy of Suffering gets my vote as the best and most original guitar recording of the year so far.” (Jimmy Leslie / Guitar Player Magazine 2005)

“McFadden is a master of guitar and mandolin, a 25 year veteran who waltzes the dark, eerie corridors between Jimi Hendrix and Django Reinhardt…” ( Jonathan Zwickel – San Francisco Bay Guardian, October 2004)

“…Part raging rock star, part flamenco gypsy, McFadden is one of the most talented musicians in San Francisco today, bar none. Whenever he steps into the spotlight, McFadden turns up the energy level a few notches, and the unexpected becomes the norm.” – (Andy Tennille / Jambase 2007)

“…This kindred spirit to Tom Waits and Nick Cave is spittin’ some smoky, dark, americana gypsy-blues for the hopeless and undecided…This is one artist with an unflinching command of his muse; highly recommended.” (Derek Sivers – President, CD Baby, April, 2003)

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Stas Venglevski and Tatyana Krasnobaeva

Tambourine Lounge, 59 N 2nd Ave, Sturgeon Bay

Stas Venglevski (Bayan) blends his talent with Tatyana Krasnobaeva (Cimbalom dulcimer) in a unique concert of traditional Russian folk favorites, classical and original compositions.

Stas’ keyboard artistry, dazzling technical command and sensitivity have brought this native of the Republic of Moldova increasing international acclaim as a virtuoso of the bayan.

Tatyana graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Music. Her instrument, the cimbalom, dates back to the 16th century in Belarus and is famous for its unique silvery timbre making it universal for playing any music genre from Baroque to folk and contemporary. The art of performance in modern Belarus is passed from generation to generation.

Only 40 seats available for this special performance so reservations are required.

Doors 6:30pm, show 7pm.

Reserve tickets online at or call The Holiday Music Motel at 920-743-5571.

Advance reservations strongly recommended as we do have a max. capacity. Walk-ups only if space permits.

$20 seat. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable to other shows.

Doors at 6:30pm. Showtime 7:00.

Please visit Stas here:

Hymn For Her

Tambourine Lounge, 59 N 2nd Ave, Sturgeon Bay

Bringing their wild-eyed mash-up of country, blues, punk, Americana and good ‘ol psychedelic rock and roll, Hymn For Her is burning down the highway and heading back to Sturgeon Bay once again, this time to perform at The Tambourine Lounge on Tuesday October 2nd at 7pm.

Sight unseen you’d be hard-pressed to believe that they aren’t a full 4-5 piece band as Wayne (with the devilish voice), simultaneously plays the kick-drum, high-hat, acoustic guitar and harp while Lucy (of the fallen-angel voice) delivers a gritty squall on her “Lowebow” — a custom-made cigar-box guitar also known as “The Riff Monster.”

Touring tirelessly throughout the US and Europe for years on end, the two have managed to accomplish a lot while constantly being on the move, one of their latest achievements having completed a new album recorded with Grammy winner Vance Powell to be released in September of this year.

These two never seem to run out of fuel both on stage and off. They have an amazing ability to muster up the spirits of Captain Beefheart, Primus, X, R.L. Burnside, JS Blues Explosion and the Ramones all at once in a show that is powerful, delightful and just an all out great rockin’ time.

Tambourine Lounge is located at 59 N 2nd Ave (@Louisiana St.) next door to The Holiday Music Motel.

Advance reservations strongly recommended as we do have a max. capacity. Walk-ups only if space permits.

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable to other shows.

$15 per seat. Doors at 6:30pm. Showtime 7.

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Dark Songs

Third Avenue Playhouse, 239 N 3rd Ave, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235

30+ songwriters converge upon The Holiday Music Motel to collaboratively write and record a whole new slew of spooky songs to fit the season.

2 shows, 2 nights both starting at 7:30 at Third Avenue Playhouse.

Tune in to to hear songs created at this annual song-writing collaborative as well as songs created at Steel Bridge Songfest and Love On Holiday.


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