Purgatory Hill photo by Peter Lee. Exterior motel photo by Lauren MacDonald

Wisconsin Public Television’s 30 Minute Music Hour films live at The Holiday Music Motel

All segments air on Wisconsin Public Television at 10:30pm:
3/22/2013 - Purgatory Hill
3/29/2013 - Paul Cebar
4/5/2013 - Loves It!
and can be viewed online at http://wpt5.org/Programs/30-minute-music-hour

For those of you that haven’t yet had the pleasure, The 30 Minute Music Hour is a Wisconsin Public Television (WPT) program created, produced and hosted by Andy Moore in Madison, WI. The program showcases independent artists from around the state and country. Shortly following the airing of the first episode in January of 2008, it quickly became one of WPTs most popularly viewed programs both over the airwaves and online.

Back when the show was first being conceived, Moore called his long-time friend pat mAcdonald to tell him about the concept. Described as a music program in the vein of Jools Holland, Top Of The Pops. Soundstage, VH1 Storytellers and the like--all of which lasted for one hour per episode--this one would only be 30 minutes in length. In mAcdonald’s inimitable creative mind the answer seemed obvious, “How about call it the 30 Minute Music Hour?” he suggested. And so it became.

Apropos for the inaugural filming, Moore invited mAcdonald to be his first guest on the program. The segment featuring mAcdonald on cigarbox guitar aired in January of 2008.

In the wings to watch the filming that day was melaniejane. Though melaniejane was performing regularly with pAt at that time, they both still maintained strong identities as solo performers and so mAcdonald performed solo that day. melaniejane would film her own segment of the program not long after. Both segements are available online at (wpt5.org/programs/30-minute-music-hour).

In the interim between then and now, mAcdonald and melaniejane have recorded two albums and toured as the duo “Purgatory Hill,” all the while working side by side on Steel Bridge Songfest and The Holiday Music Motel, a fully-operational motel in Sturgeon Bay, WI which hosts a plethora of music events throughout the year.

When Moore started contemplating taking 30 Minute Music Hour on the road, The Holiday Music Motel seemed like the most appropriate choice for their first remote location and Purgatory Hill as the first featured “remote” guest. Afterall, mAcdonald had coined the name and both pAt and mj had had their own segments in the early days of the program but now they would get to perform together as Purgatory Hill at the music motel they now run.

On Saturday February 2nd, Wisconsin Public Television will film live from the lobby of The Holiday Music Motel in Sturgeon Bay. Purgatory Hill will film a 30 minute segment as will special guests Paul Cebar (of Paul Cebar and The Milwaukeeans) and the multi-instrumental Loves It!, a duo hailing from Austin, Tx.

This event is not open to the public, however, episodes filmed at the motel will air sometime in March and will be posted to the WPT website shortly thereafter.