a creative super-collider
“Little circles in a big circle, making some noise…”

The Tambourine Collaboratoryaka The Tambourine, located at 59 N. 2nd Ave. (next to the Holiday
Music Motel)
expands the Holiday's mission, serving its location by facilitating year round collaboration
and excitement in the creative community. 
Like Steel Bridge Construction Zone’s immersive environment, 
The Tambourine creates serendipity through 
proximity. Frequent opportunities for interaction keep 
everyone inspired and 
motivated throughout the year.

The Tambourine's beating heart is The Tambourine Lounge, a non-alcoholic “mocktail” bar with a classic
lounge atmosphere. Best defined as a “social club,” it’s where members meet, hang out, brainstorm, play
music, discuss plans for world domination, etc. Located directly inside the 2nd Ave. main entrance, it
provides comfortable seating, a record player, CD jukebox
, and a stage with a sound system
for spontaneous happenings and special events including The Holiday's weekly WRiTERS NiGHT
original open-mic from 8-10pm. Come see and hear for yourself!!

Downstairs from the Lounge is a basement warehouse-type space—once known as “the lab”—where
our friend Gabe Egeland’s dad, Gabriel “Bob” Egeland (aka “Eggy”) worked with high-end audio, contributing
to the development of multitrack recording in its dawning days. Historic recordings on the seminal Chess label
(Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry…) were made on Ampex machines modified by Mr. Egeland in
his Sturgeon Bay lab—right downstairs from what would one day become The Tambourine Lounge!

This historic basement lab is the ideal setting for our own sound lab, a combined rehearsal, recording, and 
performance space where we can develop concepts, build systems,
 train engineers, shoot video, play loud 
rock late at night (being underground, the sound doesn't carry!) And if we run out of room, there’s an even
bigger warehouse space beyond the back wall! …

The storefront next to the lounge houses “The Sturgeon Bay Music Exchange,” a consignment music store
that offers a wide variety of both new and used gear as well as PA sales and rentals.
Run by Tony Menzer, bassist
extraordinaire, SBME offers in-house small repair and set ups for guitars
as well as works with the best amp and guitar repair people in Wisconsin to keep your gear in tip-top performance shape.
Guitar, bass, violin, cello and drum lessons also available (inquire within).

In what's referred to as "The West Wing" of The Tambourine, Marcus Trana heads up Painted Recordings,
offering a variety of recording and production services, private drum and guitar instruction
as well as ProTools recording tutorials.

Currently in development, The Transfer Station will someday soon also allow for the possibility of transferring more antiquated
formats (film, tape, video, etc.) into digital which will prove to be very appealing to those
wishing to preserve their precious music and memories!

The possibilities are unending!!!!

The Tambourine (building) will also provide space for:

1) Citizens For Our Bridge (CFOB) / Steel Bridge Songfest (SBSF) offices
2) The Holiday Music Motel’s “3rd Floor” Online Store
3) Steel Bridge Radio (SBR)

And two new beneficial community projects in the planning stages:

4) The Chamber Of Alternative Commerce (COALTCOM)
5) United Downtown Entertainment and Arts District (UNDEAD)

Because space is not a problem—twenty rooms on the ground floor alone are suitable for private
workspaces—we can offer FREE workspace to other select groups or individuals whose ideas, projects,
or services will benefit the arts and entertainment community.

Our initial goal is to assemble a well-rounded group with expertise in audio, video, web design, software,
marketing & promotion, graphics and other arts, who collectively embody the talent, tools, and temperament
necessary to produce important, exciting, marketable work.

We’ll start with a few key people whose work and reputations will help attract more good people to the mix.
Then we’ll spread out a wider net to rally the rest. People can submit projects, and we’ll try to pick those that
will most benefit the community. In exchange for the free space, or greatly reduced rent,
all will agree to help with improvements, support local arts and entertainment, and to collaborate and share resources with each other.

Operational expenses—mortgage, taxes, insurance, heating, cooling, etc.—will be supplied primarily by
income generated from the motel though Jackson Browne has generously offered to do a couple of shows to
help keep moving things forward (lots of renovations needed)!

A small future investment in CD replication equipment will reduce
production costs, so CD manufacturing and sales can begin to generate income. A small-run
duplication service will benefit local musicians. And we plan to start a publishing company. 

After settling in, renting some space might be an option. As we become more sustainable,
we’ll try different kinds of community outreach, offering education, training opportunities, etc.

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