Holiday Recording occupies the northwest corner of the Holiday Music Motel, on 2nd Avenue just off Michigan Street in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

Billy and pat
Triplett and mAcdonald work together closely.

Billy and steve
Brothers behind the board: Steve Hamilton and Billy Triplett.

Billy discusses a project with songwriter Corey Carlson at Holiday Recording. 

When the Holiday was purchased by a group of musicians and music-enthusiasts in 2007, Door County's first motel got a retro-chic facelift that included the installation of a recording studio in the motel's former manager's quarters.  This is Holiday Recording, where hundreds and hundreds of songs have since been written, recorded, and mastered.  Local music legend pat mAcdonald serves as producer for Holiday Recording, and the studio is manned by in-house sound engineer Billy Triplett. Engineer Steve Hamilton also records for the studio on a per project basis.  

The studio at the Holiday Music Motel is a fluid space, transforming from recording studio to concert venue to rehearsal space and more. The space evolves to accommodate the dynamic myriads of musicians who seek inspiration in our little city - a bustling bayside community with fantastic nightlife in the summer, by winter a serene backdrop for focused work - professional recording in a fun atmosphere, feedback on songwriting from seasoned veterans, and opportunities to collaborate with other musicians, both like-minded and unexpected.

When musicians need a place to go where they can record on their terms with a production and engineering team of unparalleled skill, they come stay at the at our quaint little 50s motel in the heart of beautiful historic downtown Sturgeon Bay, and put their project into the hands of Holiday Recording.

Meetourengineers 2
Steve Hamilton is our special events engineer.  He's been with the Holiday since day one, joining us in Sturgeon Bay from his studio in Milwaukee, Makin' Sausage Music, during our annual songwriting events, Dark Songs and Steel Bridge Songfest.  Steve has given hundreds of hours to the Holiday, recording, mixing, and mastering the work of many of our most valued artists.  Steve's dedication to this place is legendary, and we feel very fortunate to have him take part in the creation of music at the Holiday.  

Billy Triplett is our in-house recording engineer.  He's been with us since 2009, and we're lucky to have him.  The Grammy-nominated engineer has four golden records under his belt, and has worked with Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Prince, Steve Miller, Samantha Fox, Robert Cray, Waylon Jennings, James Brown, The Goo Goo Dolls, Lisa Marie Presley, Pat Benatar, Five for Fighting, Meredith Brooks, Joe Walsh, Nu Shooze, James Gang, and many many more.  

With experience in studio recording, live performance sound, recording and mixing engineering, tour management, production management, monitor mixing, and television and live broadcast engineering, Billy has carved out quite a reputation for himself in the recording industry.  Here's what people say about him:

"I have employed Mr. William Triplett on and off from the years 2000 - 2007.  Billy was my sound engineer on both Joe's solo tours and when we put the original James Gang back together for their reunion tour.  I can only say that his ability to provide his services were as always above and beyond, for all the times he worked for me.  He is indeed a credit to his profession."  Smokey Wendell, Joe Walsh and James Gang Tour Manager.  

"Billy has always been a go to guy in the sound industry.  I would highly recommend and employ him in the future for any Sound Image touring acts as either an FOH/Monitor Engineer or Production Manager.  Billy has always been an honest and hard-working touring and recording professional."  Dave Shadoan, President of Sound Image, for whom Triplett worked as a Front of House Engineer, System Tech, and Monitor Engineer for such artists as the Robert Cray Band and Pat Benatar.

Above all, Billy is a favorite of musicians for his ability to bring out the best performances they are capable of, then mixing them in a way that reflects the sound they're aiming for.  He's an incredibly talented professional, but he's also a warm-hearted and beloved friend of all who meet him at Holiday Recording.  

Billy Triplett is available to lessons on Pro Tools, record, mix, and master music at Holiday Recording.  Studio time is available with and without motel room packages, and the cost is evaluated on a per-project basis.  If you are interested in booking a project and would like a quote, use the handy contact form to the right of this page, or call the motel at (920) 743-5571 and leave a message for pat mAcdonald.  

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